Babies Name: Joy
Date of Birth: 14 July 2021
Time of Birth: 11:30 pm
Weight: 7lb, 7oz / 3,500 gram
Length: 19 ” / 48 cm
Limited Edition: #1 – 20 World Wide




She is a full body silicone platinum baby, She is cast in one piece. She is flexible and moves like a real baby.
Our babies are sculpted on a piece of modeling clay by me, Lorraine Yophi, The cast and cast is carefully made by master sculptor Enrroke Yophi. Everything is made by Yophi Babies, from sculpting, molding, pouring, painting and rooting. We are very demanding with quality. We only use the highest quality platinum silicone in all of our babies. The casting in one piece, has been complete from head to toe and no arms or legs have been joined or glued, the limbs are perfect.

********* She is a one-piece cast silicone baby with a soft body, she is a 19 “newborn, very huggable, she moves realistically.
While soft, it is not very soft like marshmallow.

*Clothing size She wears a newborn size of 0 or preemie depending on the brand, but mostly newborn. She is 19 “. This baby is sculpted and painted by Lorraine Yophi. Mold and poured by Enrroke Yophi.

*****  COMING HOME   *****
*Baby documents
Certificate of authenticity
Birth certificate
Care Book
Yophi Babies Box

*The value of what is made by hand We have high quality of our art work with each baby and we stand behind them 100%, and we want them to love, appreciate working hours and treasure this baby as much as we do. This is a carefully handmade, non-factory made silicone baby, and while we are very careful, the wrists may have a slight mark or imperfection here and there, which is not considered a defect but part of the handmade charm. This is an artist piece, totally handmade by the artist.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 54 × 24 × 17 cm

deposit, fullpayment


blank, painted, painted & rooted


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